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Can A Heat Pump Switch From Heating To Cooling Automatically

Can a Heat Pump Switch from Heating to Cooling Automatically With the ability to act as heating and cooling systems from a single appliance, Heat pump systems have undoubtedly changed residential heating and air conditioning options for homeowners across Canada. If you’re in the market to replace your existing heating system or thinking or adding […]

Best Heat Pumps for Atlantic Canada

How do I know if I have a sump pump? When the water level rises throughout Nova Scotia, or when periods of prolonged rainfall hit your neighbourhood, excess water with nowhere to go but your basement can lead to significant water-related damage to your home, leading to expensive repair bills. Luckily, a sump pump is […]

Best Heat Pumps for Atlantic Canada

Best Heat Pumps for Atlantic Canada Home heating systems come in several makes, models, shapes, and sizes. But when it comes to home heating and cooling, heat pumps have become a popular choice amongst homeowners living throughout Atlantic Canada due to their dual function and outstanding energy efficiency ratings. Whether you’re a seasoned local or […]

How Often Do You Tune Up The Furnace?

How Often Do You Tune Up The Furnace? Professional furnace maintenance is an essential task that homeowners often overlook. But without it, you can experience a world of problems that are often costly and frustrating to deal with. So, how often are you supposed to tune your furnace equipment? Get 24/7/365 Expert Services for Your […]

How To Save On Gas Bill in Winter? 

How To Save On Gas Bill in Winter?  Winter is coming, and with it, the worry that your heating bills will go up. If you’ve been wondering how to stay warm in your house without having to pay a hefty utility bill, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Shines Energy is going […]

Are heat pumps energy efficient?

Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient? To make the switch, or to not? Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular energy-efficient alternative to conventional forms of home-heating, such as your traditional gas furnace or electric baseboards. A heat pump is heralded as a more efficient means of both heating and cooling your home, but are heat […]