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Hot Water Tanks Service in Halifax

Don’t raise the white flag when your hot water takes a dive. Call Shines Energy for heroic hot water heater replacement, repair and maintenance services in Halifax Regional Municipality!

When the kids need a bath and the dishes are piling up, there’s no time for a water heater emergency. At the first sign of a hot water (or COLD water) disaster, our powerhouse plumbing team is ready to rescue with emergency water heater repairs, new water heater installations and annual maintenance that secures your comfort.

Say goodbye to hot water heater villains that steal your sleep and peace of mind. Shines Energy is on-call 24/7 for Halifax customers and we ALWAYS arrive on time!

Got drain problems? Smelly, sludgy or sinister, sewer, and plumbing emergencies don’t scare us. Request professional drain cleaning services or water heater replacement today: call 902-706-2253!

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Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Even newer, well-maintained water heaters can malfunction. To minimize your household’s inconvenience and keep family members safe from scalding, call Shines Energy team at the first sign of trouble!

  • HELP! I DON’T HAVE ANY HOT WATER! A lack of hot water could mean something as simple as a pilot light problem or a damaged heating element. If your water heater is more than a decade old, chances are you need replacement. Whatever the cause, our team of heroes will fix or replace your water heating system in a flash. We’ve got speed and skill on our side!
  • MY HOT WATER HEATER IS A LEAKY MESS! Whether your water heater is sitting in a puddle or your entire basement is flooded, there’s no time to waste. Call Shines Energy for an emergency diagnosis and fast repair or replacement.
  • I CAN’T SLEEP WITH ALL THIS RACKET! When your water heater goes bang, bump, thump in the night, it’s unsettling and worrisome. Strange water heater noises are caused by a variety of problems. Our certified plumbing technicians will find out the cause and quiet your water heater in no time!
  • CRACKS, RUST AND CORROSION. ACK! Never try to fix a cracked hot water heater with do-it-yourself methods. It could be a scalding hazard, and it may be a sign of a pressure crack, advanced corrosion or other significant tank damage. Call Shines Energy squad immediately when you see significant rust or cracks in your water heating system.

How Long Will My Water Heater Last?

High-performance water heaters last for many years—but not forever. Tank and tankless water heating systems come in electric and gas models. Cared-for, well-maintained electric, tankless appliances can last up to 20 years. The average span of a gas-powered water heater is eight to 10 years, but this varies with make, model and maintenance level.

When it’s time to replace an old tank system, ask Shines Energy about tankless water heater services. Tankless units are a highly efficient, long-lasting and compact alternative to traditional water heating systems, and their small footprint frees up precious space in your home.

Answering the Age-Old Question: Repair or Replace my Water Heater?

When our water heater is headed for certain disaster, our hot water heroes give you options. First, we diagnose the problem to determine if there is a safety issue, minor repair need or major problem. Then, we work with your budget and safety/comfort objectives to provide affordable financing or competitively priced repairs that get you back in business—FAST! Before your hot water heater surrenders entirely, it’s wise to schedule a new appliance consultation with Halifax’s team of plumbing experts.

Here are a few common signs your water heater may be ready to crash:

  • IT’S REACHED THE END OF ITS USEFUL LIFE: Tank water heaters that are old or poorly maintained may be nearing time for replacement. We’ll give you options based on your finances and family needs.
  • IT’S INEFFICIENT AND SLUGGISH: As your water heater ages, it has to work harder. That means higher energy bills, colder showers and frustrated families. Don’t worry, though. Shines Energy is a phone call away, ready to save the day!
  • LUKEWARM WATER THAT RUINS A RELAXING SHOWER: You may start your bath or shower with hot water, but 10 minutes later it’s getting super chilly in there! Your water heater may not be able to keep up, anymore—or you may need a new heating element or pilot light fix. Our home comfort heroes will pinpoint the problem and get you back to warm, comfortable showers before the cold-water villains steal your sanity.
  • CRACKED OR RUSTY TANK OR CORRODED VALVE: At its worst, a water heater crack or corroded part could be a scalding hazard or hot water danger. In some cases, only a minor repair is needed. Call Shines Energy team the moment you notice damage to your appliance—so no one gets hurt!
  • LEAKS THAT MAY DAMAGE YOUR HOME: Small puddles are one thing, but Shines Energy regularly replaces water heating systems that have flooded a basement or ruined a newly renovated space. Before a catastrophe ensues, call the plumbing team to trust in Halifax!

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