HRV/ERV Explained in Dartmouth, NS
February 18

Explaining HRV and ERV Systems and How They Work

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Water Heater Settings in Dartmouth, NS
February 4

What Temperature Should I Set My Water Heater?

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Heat Pump vs Furnace in Dartmouth, NS
January 19

Making the Choice Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace

Each type of heating system has its pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily better than the other because it depends on the person’s needs. If… View Article Read More

Heater Checklist in Dartmouth, NS
January 5

Checklist for Proper Heater Care in the New Year

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Home Winterization in Dartmouth, NS
December 20

Nine Steps to Winterize Your Furnace

Winter is the perfect time for sledding, hot chocolates, and–that’s right–winterizing your heating system. Before you turn your furnace on for the first time, there… View Article Read More

Furnace Code Compliance in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
December 15

How Can I Get a Code-Compliant Furnace?

Everyone knows that replacing a home heating system is a big job, but what most people aren’t aware of is that there is an entire… View Article Read More

Furnace Leak in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
November 17

Possible Causes of a Furnace Leak

Even if you do everything right when it comes to caring for your furnace, it’s still unavoidable that occasionally something is going to go wrong… View Article Read More

HVAC Snowstorm Preparation in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia
November 3

Snowstorm Preparation Checklist for Your HVAC System

Winter is unpredictable, and when there is snow involved, you never know what to expect. Therefore, as this season kicks in and the temperatures begin… View Article Read More

Water Heater Guide in Dartmouth, NS
October 20

Guide to Water Heaters

Being knowledgeable about your home appliances helps you make informed decisions or prevent the stress and struggles brought about by a broken unit. If you… View Article Read More

Thermostatic Expansion Valve in Dartmouth, NS
October 6

Everything About Thermostatic Expansion Valves

The thermostatic expansion valve, commonly known as the TEV or TXV, is a device mainly used in air conditioning and refrigeration units to control the… View Article Read More