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Are heat pumps energy efficient

Are heat pumps energy efficient?

Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient? To make the switch, or to not? Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular energy-efficient alternative to conventional forms of home-heating, such as your traditional gas furnace or electric baseboards. A heat pump is heralded as a more efficient means of both heating and cooling your home, but are heat […]Read More
Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps and Rebates in Halifax

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps & Rebates in Halifax

Heat Pumps & Rebates BC: Everything You Need To Know Heat Pumps: A 2-in-1 Home Comfort System A perfect hybrid of cost, comfort & convenience, heat pumps offer an ideal year-round home comfort solution for houses in a moderate climate – for example, Halifax Regional Municipality & surrounding area. They are also well-suited for homeowners […]Read More