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Air Conditioning Repair Dartmouth

During the scorching summer months in Nova Scotia, one of the last things any homeowner wants to deal with is a broken air conditioner unit. Fortunately, Shines Energy is a leading air conditioner repair company that can quickly identify and fix your cooling system, allowing you to return to your summertime sanctuary as soon as possible.

Shines Energy is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! That’s correct! We’re even available after hours, on weekends, and on holidays at no extra charge to you! In addition, if your present air conditioner is beyond restoration, be sure to inquire about our amazing deals and financing options for a brand-new, cost-effective cooling system!

Call us directly or use our secure online reservation system to schedule your air conditioning repair in Dartmouth! Say goodbye to hot interiors and hello to a pleasant summertime escape in the comfort of your own home with the specialized assistance of Shines Energy’s professional and licensed HVAC team today!

24/7/365 Home AC Repair in Dartmouth

Shines Energy provides homeowners with reliable, round-the-clock residential air conditioning repair services across Dartmouth & the surrounding area:

  • 24/7/365 residential service for air conditioner leaks, frozen AC, compressor repair, fan troubles, lack of cool air & all other central air issues
  • Emergency & last minute home appointments available
  • Certified experts with over a decade of experience on air conditioning repair

What Sets Shines Energy Apart?

  • Always Ready – We understand that sometimes, unfortunate surprises happen. That’s why we’re committed to providing central air conditioning repair service at any hour. Call us 24/7, 365 – even on weekends or holidays! You’re guaranteed a response in 60 minutes or less.
  • We Get it Just RightTM70% of HVAC issues stem from improper installation. We make sure that when we perform a central air conditioning installation, it’s done Just RightTM.
  • 10 Years of Business – We’ve been servicing Dartmouth & surrounding area for over a decade. We’ve been able to gather a wealth of knowledge through years of experience providing excellent service and unbiased advice for our neighbours.
  • Technicians You Can Trust – Our experts have G1, G2, 313A & 313D, 308A, ODP, Wardflex, and Supervisor Training Program & IHSA Health and Safety Education Program for Contractor Safety Essentials certifications to help serve you better. Additionally, we make sure all our technicians are Right TimeTM certified – so you know we are always working hard to expand our knowledge.

Air Conditioner Repair FAQs

The most common air conditioner repairs we’ve seen over the years include:
· Refrigerant Leaks: Result in insufficient cooling or no cool air.
· Compressor Issues: Can cause failure or reduced cooling.
· Fan Problems: Lead to poor airflow and inefficiency.
· Electrical Failures: Result in malfunctions or the failure to turn on at all.
· Frozen Coils: Caused by airflow restrictions or low refrigerant.
· Drainage Problems: Cause water leaks or entire system shutdown.
· Thermostat Malfunctions: Lead to temperature inconsistencies or no operation to begin with.
· Capacitor Failures: Prevent compressor and fan motor start-up.
· Dirty Air Filters: Restrict airflow and reduce cooling efficiency.
· Sensor Issues: Cause improper air conditioner cycling.

Fixing an air conditioner unit can be costly at times because of a combination of variables such as the system’s complexities, the particular expertise needed to perform the restoration, and the price of repair parts. Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of these factors that can influence the cost of your repair in more detail below:

· System Complexity: Air conditioning units are complicated machines that combine mechanical, electrical, and refrigeration elements. All of these elements work together to supply cooling and keep the atmosphere inside your home at a comfortable level as temperatures increase outdoors. Any failure in one component can cause a chain reaction all throughout the system, necessitating meticulous examination and repair that can sometimes take a while to locate.

· Skilled Labour: Repairing an air conditioner requires specific abilities and expertise. HVAC technicians are highly trained and certified to diagnose problems and perform any and all repairs safely, regardless of the issue at hand. The knowledge they possess comes at a cost since qualified technicians get paid for their abilities as well as the ongoing education required to stay current with the most recent advances in HVAC technologies.

· Tools and Equipment: HVAC technicians make use of a variety of specialized evaluation equipment and instruments to determine the root cause of air conditioner problems. These instruments, such as pressure gauges, temperature meters, and leak detection devices, are frequently costly to buy and maintain. The price of these tools is included in the total repair costs.

· Cost of Parts: Air conditioning systems are made up of a variety of mechanical parts, including compressors, evaporator coils, condenser coils, fans, motors, and electrical wiring. If any of those elements fails, the cost of getting them replaced may be expensive. High-quality replacement components, particularly those from trustworthy manufacturers, may increase the total expense of repair.

· System Age and Maintenance: Older air conditioning units may have parts that are no longer readily available, making repair parts harder to find and potentially costlier. In addition, poor maintenance over time can cause accumulative deterioration, increasing the possibility of several parts requiring repair at the same time.

· Warranty: If your air conditioner is no longer covered under warranty, you are solely responsible for all repair costs. Even with warranties, certain parts may not be covered, and you may be required to pay out of pocket. Coverage for repairs to your air conditioner can also vary, leaving you liable for a substantial amount of the restoration bill in the end.

As you can see, the overall cost to repair your home’s air conditioning system will vary. However, to avoid the possibility of repairs becoming an issue over the years, we highly suggest scheduling a yearly maintenance appointment with one of our certified HVAC technicians. Not only will an annual maintenance appointment prevent damages from happening in the first place, but it also provides you with the opportunity to identify and repair any problems before they become costlier. In addition, maintenance also aids with keeping your home’s cooling system operating as efficiently as possible throughout the summer season for you.

Do you believe there is something wrong with your home’s air conditioning system? If so, we suggest reaching out to an AC repair company in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, like Shines Energy, as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring.

Shines Energy is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year! That’s right! We are even open after hours, on weekends, and on holidays at no additional cost to you! Furthermore, if your current air conditioner is beyond repair, be sure to request information about our fantastic deals and financing options for a brand-new, low-cost cooling system!

To schedule your Dartmouth air conditioning repair, call us directly or use our secure online booking system! With the specialized assistance of Shines Energy’s professional and licensed HVAC team today, you can say goodbye to hot interiors and hello to an enjoyable summertime getaway in the comfort of your own home!

The use of an air conditioning system in any home is going to involve costs that are both fixed and variable over the years. Let’s take a closer look at these costs so you can get a better idea about what to expect when installing an air conditioning system in your Dartmouth, Nova Scotia home:

Fixed expenses:

· Initial Installation: Installation is an essential fixed expense when it comes to putting in an air conditioning system. It involves the purchase of the air conditioning unit itself, as well as any installation labour that is needed. The cost of installation may differ based on factors such as the size and type of AC unit, the level of difficulty of the installation, and the labour average cost of labour in your area.
Variable expenses:

· Energy Use: Energy consumption is the most expensive variable cost related to using air conditioning equipment. Operating an air conditioner necessitates the use of electricity to power the compressor, fans, and other components. The amount of energy consumed is determined by factors such as cooling load, the unit’s efficiency rating, and the amount of time it is running.

· Maintenance and Repairs: While maintenance is a recurrent fixed cost, repairs are unpredictable expenses. Cleaning filters and coils on a regular basis is critical to keeping the system running smoothly. Unanticipated failures and repairs, on the other hand, can occur, resulting in variable expenses.

· Replacement Costs: Certain parts that make up an air conditioning unit may wear out and need to be replaced over time. These replacement parts add to the variable costs. The need for replacement parts will vary depending on the quality of the air conditioning unit you have to begin with and how well it’s maintained throughout its service life.

As you can see, installing an air conditioning system in your home is not just a one-time cost. Therefore, it’s crucial that you install an energy-efficient unit to save money on your monthly bills and ensure that your cooling equipment is taken care of correctly during its lifespan. This means booking an annual maintenance appointment with a professional HVAC company in your area and having any problems fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Is your air conditioning system not working as well as it used to? If the answer is yes, Shines Energy in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is here to help! Shines Energy is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! That’s correct! We are even open after hours, on weekends, and on holidays at no extra charge! If your present air conditioning unit is beyond repair, be sure to inquire about our outstanding discounts and financing options for a brand-new, low-cost cooling system! Call us right away or use our secure online reservation system to schedule your Dartmouth air conditioning repair! We look forward to partnering with you!

Examining the efficiency of your air conditioning system involves paying attention to how it operates, your comfort levels, and energy efficiency. Here’s a guide to determining whether your air conditioner is working properly:

1. Cooling Efficiency:

· Consistent Cooling: The primary function of an air conditioning system is to keep the temperature within your house comfortable. Check to see if your air conditioner constantly keeps the temperature you want with no drastic changes.

2. Air Quality and Airflow:

· Airflow: Move around your house, feeling for consistent air circulation from the air supply vents. Weak airflow could be a sign of a problem with the blower fan, ductwork, or air filter.
· Air Quality: By filtering out allergens, dust mites, and pollutants, the air conditioner should help preserve good indoor air quality. If you see an increase in dust or a decrease in air quality, the air filters may need to be cleaned or replaced.

3. Humidity Levels:
· Comfortable Humidity: An efficient air conditioning system should also assist in controlling indoor humidity levels. If you feel excessively humid or sticky indoors, it’s possible that your air conditioner isn’t properly dehumidifying the air.

4. Noise Level:
· Noise Levels: While AC units produce some noise, overpowering or odd noises may indicate an issue. Listen for unusual noises that could indicate a faulty component.

5. Energy Conservation:
· Energy Bills: Keep an eye on the energy costs over time. A properly functioning air conditioning system should result in consistent or somewhat reduced energy consumption, particularly during peak cooling months.
· Cycle Duration: Pay attention to your unit’s cycling. It may not be working efficiently if it frequently turns on and off in short intervals.

6. Accuracy of the Thermostat:
· Temperature readings from the thermostat: Double-check the temperature on your thermostat. Check that the thermostat is displaying the correct room temperature.

7. Odours:
· Bad Smells: Mould, mildew, or other impurities in the system may cause unpleasant odours from the AC vents. These odours can have an impact on indoor air quality.

8. Visual Examinations:
· Check Refrigerant Lines: Examine the refrigerant lines for any signs of leaks or frost accumulation. Leaks can result in decreased cooling efficiency.
· Outdoor Condenser Unit: Inspect the outdoor condenser unit. It must be clear of any debris, dirt, or plants that might block air circulation.

9. Level of Comfort:
· Consistent Comfort: Assess your level of comfort indoors. If you’ve noticed uneven cooling, hot spots, or drafts, it could be because your air conditioner isn’t releasing air evenly.

To ensure your home’s air conditioning system remains as efficient as possible throughout its service life, ensure that you schedule a service appointment with a professional HVAC company in your area at least once a year! Book your appointment with Shines Energy in Dartmouth today!

Our Guarantees

We have the utmost confidence in our work and our people and want to make sure you do, too. That’s why we offer a 2-year guarantee to repair, replace, or refund. Whatever you need until you’re 100% satisfied.

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No Loopholes™

Up to 2 years after the installation date we ensure 100% satisfaction or your money back. No Loopholes™, no problems.


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If your new furnace breaks down within the first 2 years of installment, we’ll fix it for free within 24 hours or give you $1000 for your troubles. No Hassle™, no headache.


Just Right™

We guarantee that any furnace we install will keep you comfortable. If your system isn’t providing a consistent temperature anywhere within 5 years of the installation date, we’ll fix it up to and including replacing the entire system, totally free. No fluctuations, Just Right™.


We Respect You™

We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and promise to treat your home with the utmost care and respect. If we don’t meet your expectations in any way, you’ll receive our Five Year System Check-Up Package™ totally free of charge. We Respect You™ and your home.

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We are always available, 24/7 365 for any HVAC emergency you might have.

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We have been operating since 2013, which means we have over 10 years of expertise to offer.

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All of our technicians are Right Time™ certified and continuously trained to maintain excellence.

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We operate in the Halifax area and have been for over a decade, which means we’ve gotten to know our neighbours.

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We maintain a 4.5-star rating on Google for a reason; we care about our work.

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