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Use the Power of the Sun to Heat Your Home

Solar thermal technology is the conversion of solar energy into heated water that can be used for domestic hot water or space heating in your home.

SHINES Energy is committed to providing our customers with simple, affordable and innovative energy solutions. We can harness the power of the sun with Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems (SDHW) and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels that offset oil use or electricity required from the electric distribution system.

A solar heating system is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy; it works by using daylight energy (irradiated energy) to heat fluid in flat plate or evacuated tube collectors on your roof. This is then used to supply heat to your domestic hot water system, to provide heat to your in-floor system or something more specific such as a swimming pool.

Beyond the environmental upsides of using a renewable energy source, home owners benefit financially when they switch to solar heat. When you consider that one of your home's largest energy consumers is the system you use to heat water, it's easy to see that an investment in solar thermal technology can be quickly recouped through lower utility bills, both now and in the future.

WWhether you wish to lower the costs of supplying hot water to your home, or you're looking for an effective, efficient and comfortable way to heat, SHINES Energy offers custom solutions that reduce clients' dependency on oil and electricity and save them money over the long term. Contact us to learn how you, too, can benefit from using the power of the sun to heat your home.