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Solar (PV) Pros and Cons


  • You can benefit from the Governments Enhanced Net Metering which allows you to build credits when you push power back onto the grid. Excess credits will be purchased by NS Power at the end of the year.
  • Panels generate power even on cloudy days, they simply need light to produce electricity.
  • Clean energy means you reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1 tonne per 2 Kw of PV installed per annum.
  • Producing your own power protects against rising energy prices.


  • A large area of un-shaded south, south-west or south-east facing roof is required to maximize payback. Smaller systems can be installed but payback will be longer.
  • Panels degrade over time by approximately 10% over 25 years, this however is taken into account in our calculations.
  • It may be beneficial to replace the inverter after 15 years to optimize power generation, although this is not essential.